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DC12V 433MHz Transmitter Control Delay Relay Receiver Kits PT2262 transmitter module and 4 pcs 1 channels relay switch

DC12V 433MHz Transmitter Control Delay Relay Receiver Kits PT2262 transmitter module and 4 pcs 1 channels relay switch

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Kit No. : RT397

This remote switch allows you to remotely control any 12 Volt DC device. Perfect for controlling any 12V devices such as Lights, Fans, Landscaping Lighting and more. This easy-to-wire kit is perfect for anybody with a basic knowledge of electrical wiring, and can easily be wired to many 12V applications. For PC Modders, the end of result of the Remote Control 12VDC kit is truly impressive and is sure to impress the crowds. For DIYers, the kit will give some magical effect to your projects.
Encoding and Decoding

The popular link is like this: MCU -> Encoder -> Transmitter ------ Receiver -> Decoder -> MCU,
PT2262(Encoder) are optional, their existence is to 1)avoid confusing when multiple RF links in range 2) isolate disturbance.
You can integrate the encoding and decoding work to the MCUs on both side. Whenever there is no 433.92MHz devices around, you may use it as direct cable connection.
Qty : 1 pcs PT2262 transmitter module and 4 pcs 1 channels relay switch ;

Transmitter :

Model No.

TB195 Encoder Transmitter

Function discription

Encoder Transmitter modules

Operating voltage

3V ~ 12V DC

Static current


Operating frequency


modulation Mode


SAW Frequency stability


Transmitter Power

50mW (315MHz, 12V)

Data rate

Antenns length
24 cm (315 MHz), 18 cm (433.92 MHz)


36 * 27mm

Encodeing format

PT2264 fixing code (same as PT2262 SC2262 ) , Work with PT2272 decoder IC

Transmitter distance

100M (open area)

Connect to MCU or Ardiuno :

Connect to Switch:
Relay receiver :
receiver Features:
Typical applications:
DC 12V Home lighting system
Remote control switch
Smart Home / Home Automation
Garage Door
Fluorescent lamp Illumination
Motorcycle Electromobile
Remote controlled gates
Security Monitoring
LED lighting
Fluorescent lamp
DC 12 DC Motor,RS360
Wiring Diagram 1:
DC 12V control circuit,Wiring diagram below. "LOAD" may be LED lamp, fans, motors and other DC 12V Electrical equipment

Wiring Diagram 2:

DC 1-48V OR AC 85-265V control circuit,Wiring diagram below(Note:If not DC 12V load, need another DC 12V power supply). "LOAD" may be LED lamp, fans, motors and other DC AC equipment


receiver Features:
1 Operating voltage:  DC 12V;
2 Operating Current: relays close, about 9MA; relay open,about 42MA;
3 Operating frequency: 433.92M; 315M version can be customized
4 Receiver sensitivity : -108dBm
5 Decode : learning code, can be adapted EV1527 / PT2262 and compatible remote control, you can store up to 32 remote control
6 Work mode : Non-locking (Momentary is defult),Self-locking (Toggle),Inter-locking (Latch),Delay; 1-5000 seconds adjustable delay time, minimum step 0.1 seconds
7 Size(Including housing)50*35*22mm
8 Weight(including housing) 30g
9 Relay Maximum load(Recommended<5A):10A/250VAC,10A/125VAC,10A/30VDC, 10A/28VDC,10A/12VDC


Work mode

NO : Relay normally open contact
COM : Relay common contact
NC : Relay normally closed contact
Open : NO connection COM, NC disconnect COM
Close : NO disconnect COM, NC connection COM
Momentary : Press the Transmitter button , the receiver relay is Open, release button;the relay is Close;
Toggle : Press transmitter button for 1 time , the receiver relay is Open, press button again, the relay is Close;
Latched : Press transmitter button A, the receiver relay is Open  Press transmitter button B, the receiver relay is Close.
Delay : Press the Transmitter button, the receiver relay Open,After a set time delay, the receiver relay is Close;
If during the delay, press the button of Transmitter, delay start again; if the delay period, press and hold the button of Transmitter 3-4 seconds, the receiver controller stops the delay, the relay Close
Adapter remote control (learning remote control):
Under normal operating mode, LED will be lit, when receives a valid remote control (EV1527 / PT2262) button values, LED flashes
Clean code: press the key and held down, LED off, LED will light about 8 seconds later, clean code is completed (Note: After performing clean code previously stored remote control value does not exist)
Step 1 (into the learning mode): Press the key (about 1 second), LED off;
Step 2 (adapter button): Then press the utton on the remote control, LED flashes four times on, then learning the button value
Only the Non-locking (Momentary is defult),Self-locking (Toggle),Inter-locking (Latch) mode to a "clear code" and " learning " action
In the "delay" mode can only set the delay time
Delay setting:
Step 1, the mode is set to "delay" mode (jumper cap on the M1 into two rows of pins)
Step 2, press the key until the LED is off
Step 3. Click the key again, LED flashes
Step 4. Click the key again after a period of time, LED light
LED blinking time is the delay time.

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